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Line of Credit (Domestic)

​​​ ​The bank seeks to conduct partnerships and agreements with local financial institutions offering financing solutions that enable local exporters, therefore contributing to the growth of local exports in international markets.

Product Method

1. The subject financial institution submits a request to apply for the Line of Credit against actual financed (or potential) exports’ transactions.
2. The financial institution is not obligated to burden more risk than their approved criteria. However, this product shall incentivize their exports financing inline with their policies and procedures.

Product Advantages

• Enhancing and improving the partnership between the public and the private sector.
 • Enhancing the export financing ecosystem.

The Sectors Eligible to Benefit from The Product

Local people wishing to export products or services of Saudi origin.​

Facility Term

Financing Limit for Coverage

Up to 100% of the financed exports transactions.