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Line of Credit (International)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​T​he bank conducts partnerships and agreements with international financial institutions (Banks, Non-bank financial institutions, Multilateral development banks, etc) offering solutions that enable international buyers to overcome financing challenges, which contributes to the growth of local exports.​

Product Method

1. After identifying a transaction with a local exporter, international importer shall approach one of our international financial institutions to apply for a trade financing.
2. Once the financing application of the international buyer’s is approved, and after submitting export and shipping documents, Saudi EXIM bank shall transfer the invoice proceed to the Saudi exporter.
3. The financial institution shall repay Saudi EXIM bank the due amount as per the Line of Credit Agreement.

Product Advantages

- Reducing exporters’ risks in collecting amounts owed by importers.
- Facilitating the importer’s access to financing to import Saudi products.
- Improving payment terms between exporters and their customers.
- No financial obligations for the Saudi exporter.

The Sectors Eligible to Benefit from The Product

All sectors, except Crude oil.

Facility Term

International buyer can enjoy a tenor of up to 24 months, based in the credit approval from the partner international financial institution.

Financing Limit for Coverage

Up to 100% of the transaction value (the financing limit )shall be determined by our partners from financial institutions.


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